/ɛnd / (say end)

1. an extremity of anything that is longer than it is broad: the end of a street; the end of a rope.
2. an extreme or farthermost part of anything extended in space.
3. anything that bounds an object at one of its extremities; a limit.
4. a place or section adjacent to an extremity or limit: at the far end of the room.
5. the act of coming to an end; termination.
6. the concluding part.
7. a purpose or aim: to gain one's end.
8. the object for which a thing exists: the happiness of the people is the end of government.
9. issue or result.
10. termination of existence; death.
11. a cause of death, destruction, or ruin.
12. a remnant or fragment: odds and ends.
13. a part or share of something: her end of the work.
14. a district or locality, especially part of a town: the West End.
15. Cricket a wicket: the batting end; the bowling end.
16. Football, etc. the half of the field which is defended by one team and attacked by the other.
17. Bowls a part of the game during which the players all deliver their bowls to one end of the green; at the completion of one end the direction of play may reverse.
verb (t)
18. to bring to an end or natural conclusion.
19. to put an end to by force.
20. to form the end of.
verb (i)
21. to come to an end; terminate; cease: he ended by settling down.
22. to issue or result: extravagance ends in want.
23. at the end of one's string (or rope){{}} (or tether), Colloquial completely emotionally exhausted.
24. at the pointy (or sharp) end, at the point in a situation of conflict or competition where the important action takes place, hence where the greatest risk exists: at the pointy end of the race; at the sharp end of negotiations.
25. end on, with the end facing, or next to the observer.
26. end to end, (of two objects) having the ends adjacent.
27. end up, Colloquial to reach a final condition, circumstance, goal: you'll end up in prison.
28. from end to end, from the top to the bottom of something linear in shape.
29. get one's end in, Colloquial (taboo) (of a male) to have sexual intercourse.
30. go off the deep end, Colloquial to become violently agitated; lose control of one's emotions.
31. hold one's end up, Colloquial to contribute as required.
32. in the end, as an outcome; at last; finally.
33. keep one's end up, Colloquial to see that one's contribution to a joint undertaking is adequately performed.
34. make (both) ends meet, to keep expenditure within one's means. {Phrase Origin: ? from 19th-century accountancy where meet meant `equal' or `balanced', and ends were the beginning and the conclusion of the financial year, with the notion that one's income would cover one's expenditures over the year}
35. no end, Colloquial (an intensifier): *His foster-mother was no end proud of him, and loved him as her own son. –miles franklin, 1901.
36. no end of, Colloquial a large supply of: to go to no end of trouble.
37. on end,
a. upright.
b. continuously: *Our horses are not up to galloping fifty or sixty miles on end –rolf boldrewood, 1889.
c. into an opposite procedure or tack: to turn the game on end.
38. on the receiving end, in a situation where one is the object of an attack of some kind.
39. the (living) end,
a. the worst thing possible.
b. a person who is incompetent or insufferable in every way.
40. to the ends of the earth, a long way away.
{Middle English and Old English ende}
ender, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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